2012 - Backward Sonata

by Patrick Gann

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I wasn't sure I'd ever have an active role in the world of summer camp ministry again after my 4-year stint during my college days.

After a serious bout with depression, and an untimely (or, depending on how you see it, fortuitously-timed) layoff from my fulltime job, I had the opportunity to serve at Black Rock once again in 2012. Not the full summer, no. But I was able to volunteer for "Special Week," which really helped me gain perspective on what humanity and servanthood are all about. I also had the opportunity to speak to teens about my personal struggles with depression.

There were 42 BRR staff who had to put up with my ridiculousness this past summer, and I am eternally grateful for their patience and hospitality. So I decided to write a five-movement (neo)classical sonata for this lovely bunch of imago-Dei-bearing folk.

So ... yeah. Thank you so much, each and every one of you. I hope you enjoy listening to this album.

Note that the full album download also comes with PDF files of the sheet music, should you like to attempt playing these songs yourself.


released 18 October 2012

Composer: Patrick Gann
Performer: Patrick Gann
Recording Engineer: Brent Gregory (Inspire Music, inspire-music.com)
Album Artwork: Esther Kanuchok
Notation Software: museScore (musescore.org)
Mixing Software: Audacity (audacity.sourceforge.net)




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